• Maggie Haukka

    Maggie Haukka

    Coder, Decoder, Code-switcher, Truth-teller.

  • Kylah Strickland

    Kylah Strickland

    Blck.femme. queer. writer. artist. mama. she|her. sometimes silly. sometimes sane. kstricklandart.com @_.kmsp

  • Poison Ivy

    Poison Ivy

    Agender queer. It/they/she. CSA survivor w/ CPTSD, BPD, OCD (BFRB), OSDD-1b & comorbidities. Here to learn, share & better understand.

  • Mx. Michelle B...

    Mx. Michelle B...

    Trying to figure out my gender identity and really wishing I could be be two people instead of one. It’s a love triangle between my married life and my desires.

  • Bemfica de Oliva

    Bemfica de Oliva

    Pronomes: a/ela/dela. Jornalista, trans não-binária, sapatão e autista. Escrevo primariamente sobre política e tecnologia, de preferência misturando os dois.

  • Ayla Davis

    Ayla Davis

    Trans-feminine maker and leadership advisor learning to live authentically in love and in spirit. Living in MELBOURNE, Australia. Pronouns she/her.

  • 馬有史



  • Steve Bonine

    Steve Bonine

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